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One-click unsubscribe

Implementing one-click unsubscribe allows users to directly opt out from a mailing list, newsletter, or any other notification type, and is an important inclusion to comply with email regulations and best practices.

One-click unsubscribe in Gmail One-click unsubscribe in Gmail

Letting users easily opt out of your messages cut down on unwanted emails in users' inboxes which improves open rates and reduces complaints, and having clear unsubscribe options in your messages lends credibility and transparency.

From February 2024, Gmail requires senders who send 5,000 or more messages a day to Gmail accounts to support one-click unsubscribe.

The RFC2369 List-Unsubscribe email header describes how this unsubscription should take place.

One-click UI

If the "One-click unsubscribe" option is enabled in your Mail Identity, and you don't supply a List-Unsubscribe value, Sendamatic will automatically include one and handle any unsubscribe requests. Unsubscribe notifications will be sent to the email or webhook feedback method defined in the Mail Identity.

If you send List-Id headers with your email, this will be included in the feedback notification to help you manage users with multiple subscriptions or notification types.