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Complaint feedback loop address header

The RFC 9477 Complaint Feedback Loop (CFBL) Address Header allows senders to specify an address for receiving spam complaints. This automated feedback system makes it easier for email providers to report spam, unwanted messages, or other issues directly to a sender.

Before, mailbox providers had to manually hunt down contact info to report spam, or senders had to manually subscribe to individual mailbox provider feedback loop programmes. The CFBL header gives mailbox providers a standardized way to route complaints directly to the sender, which streamlines the feedback process for both senders and receivers.

With the CFBL header, senders can quickly fix issues that lead to spam reports, and receivers have an easy way to help senders improve email delivery. Overall, it facilitates faster, smoother spam reporting and remediation.

It works by adding a CFBL-Address header to outgoing email messages, containing a designated complaint reporting email address.

CFBL-Address: [email protected]; report=arf

If a recipient considers an email to be spam or problematic, they can simply forward it to the complaint address in the header. The owner of that complaint address can then investigate the issues and take appropriate action.

Sendamatic automatically adds a Complaint Feedback Loop Address header on all outgoing messages, and feeds any submissions back via your mail identity feedback settings.

In addition to the header Sendamatic inserts automatically, you can add your own custom Complaint Feedback Loop Address headers pointing to your preferred complaint reporting destinations, as long as your address complies with the RFC's DKIM requirements.